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City of SeaTac
4800 South 188th Street
SeaTac, WA 98188-8605

How Are We Doing?

Butay, MikeSystems TechnicianFinance & Systems206.973.4888
Perman, BartInformation Systems ManagerFinance & Systems206.973.4891
Rich, JustinGIS Systems Analyst206.973.4893
Yost, AnnaGIS Analyst206.973.4895
Magdasy, BretGIS Analyst-Emergency Preparedness206.973.4897
Hutchison, SandraPolice Services SpecialistPolice206.973.4900
Cole, CarlChief of PolicePolice206.973.4901
Steele, AbigailCaptainPolice206.973.4901
Watanabe-Hayes, JoAnnAdministrative Specialist IVPolice206.973.4910
Toutai-Wight, SanaCommunity Service OfficerPolice206.973.4915