Planning Division

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The Planning Division is mainly responsible for long range planning, current planning, and environmental services and is under the direction of Steve Pilcher, Planning Manager. The Division works with the City Council, Planning Commission, State agencies responsible for Growth Management, private sector developers and other city divisions and departments to plan the future of the City. This is accomplished by preparing a Comprehensive Plan and Sub-area Plans that speak to the desires of the public. In addition, the Division also reviews land use applications such as subdivisions and portions of commercial building projects.

Code Compliance:

The Planning Division also contains a Code Compliance  branch. This branch enforces other City codes such as: substandard housing, property maintenance, zoning requirements, land use, junk automobiles, residential parking violations , signs, and unlicensed businesses. Code enforcement action may be initiated by an officer or a complaint by a local citizen. If you have questions for code enforcement violations or to file a complaint, please call 206.973.4567. You may fill out a Request for Action form [PDF] (complaint form) and submit by email, mail, fax or in person in order to initiate a code enforcement action.