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Joseph Scorcio, AICP
City Manager


Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Airport) is owned and operated by the Port of Seattle (Port). For more information on the Airport, click here.

The Airport is currently working on their Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP) to plan for growth in the next 5, 10, 15, and 20 year term.  To visit their website, click here.

 The airport is a central feature of the City and, as such, the City Manager’s Office is actively involved in assessing and influencing the growth and operations of the Airport on behalf of SeaTac's residents and businesses. The City’s relationship with the Port of Seattle's airport is directed through an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) that has been effective since 1997. The most recent ILA was put into place for 10 years effective February 2006. On December 22, 2015, the SeaTac City Council and Port of Seattle Commission adopted an amendment #4/extension that:

  • Extends the agreement that expires February 16, 2016, to February 16, 2018.
  • Discontinues a set-aside of the commercial parking tax receipts previously reserved for constructing south access to the airport as well as funds dedicated to construction of two projects, one of which was completed.
  • Continues agreement on Port payment of stormwater management fees for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport properties.
  • Removes Exhibit D governing use of City roads for large hauling projects, as the provisions are now in the SeaTac Municipal Code.
  • Requires that the estimated $3.2 million remaining in the set-aside for south access to the airport through the original term of the agreement will be expended only upon agreement by the City Council and Port of Seattle Commission

The total impact of ILA Amendment #4 to City of SeaTac revenues is to retain 36.9% or approximately $2.0 - 2.5 million in additional parking tax revenues annually for City transportation projects. Click here for the current ILA and amendments.

Aerial view of the cityThe City Manager’s Office coordinates implementation of the ILA and resolution of issues that arise between the City and Port. The City Manager’s Office also works with the state, regional policymaking bodies including Puget Sound Regional Council, other cities, and King County to frame and assess policy options regarding the need for aviation services.

The ILA binds the City and Port together in many ways. The City, through the ILA, has endorsed the adopted Airport Master Plan. This plan includes the Port’s investment of billions of dollars for expansion, building a new runway, improving the road network, expanded air cargo facilities, protecting the environment, and other improvements. As the Airport grows to meet the needs of the industry and the region, the City and the Port will continue to balance protecting and enhancing the benefits of the Airport to our residents and businesses, while minimizing the environmental impacts of operations of an international airport.

Aerial view of the airportThe ILA identifies joint City-Port planning projects that have been or are being conducted. Regional projects of vital and on-going interest to both the City and Port were noted in the ILA, such as noise mitigation, development of light rail transit from Seattle through the Airport to S. 200th Street, and the connection of SR 509 to both Interstate 5 and the Airport.